Before it became the leading comprehensive health care provider in Brevard County, Florida, Wuesthoff Health System started as a 10-bed community hospital serving the growing communities of central Brevard. It launched in 1941 with an exciting start—the hospital served its first patient through its emergency room the day before the facility was actually scheduled to open. That start reinforced the need for, and value of, health care services for the area and set the path for Wuesthoff’s unwavering commitment to serve the needs of the community. Through generations of high quality care, growth of services, forward-thinking leadership and innovative community outreach and education programs, Wuesthoff stands as a trusted steward of the county’s health and well-being.

Today, Wuesthoff Health System is the leading, fully-integrated and comprehensive health care provider on the Space Coast. Anchored by two full-service acute care medical centers and a complete complement of health service affiliates, Wuesthoff’s Mission is everyone doing everything to pursue the perfect patient experience.

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