Wuesthoff Reference Laboratory

Wuesthoff Reference Laboratory (WRL) is a full service clinical and forensic toxicology laboratory. The clinical lab accepts most insurances including Medicare with a physician order. WRL prides itself on offering the latest technology available. WRL is State of Florida licensed and CAP accredited.

In addition to these core services, WRL also provides the following:

  • Direct Access Testing- Tests that once were offered only during announced health fairs are now available on a daily basis at many convenient locations. These tests are offered to promote wellness in our community.  They do not replace the patient-physician relationship. The program allows the patient easy access to their own lab results thus promoting wellness.
  • Cytology and Special Stains- WRL employs state certified cytotechnologists who participate in national performance testing. A wide variety of special stains Immunohistochemical stains as well as Gyn and non-gyn thin prep processing.
  • Drug Testing- WRL offers Florida Drug Free Workplace, Non-Regulated, and DOT drug testing.
  • Histology- WRL histology services are provided to hospital laboratories, Medical Examiners, private pathologists, attorneys and others who require high quality tissue and slide staining.
  • Microbiology/Mycology- Testing is performed seven days a week, servicing hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, other labs, and Medical Examiners.
  • Serology- Serology testing, including HIV and full Hepatitis A, B, and C, is performed via Automated Immunoassay on serum or plasma. In most cases, results are completed within 24 hours.